Legislation updates 

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) includes rules governing the finances and accountability of third parties that engage or intend to engage in election advertising. Bill 29 removed references to political advertising. As a result, advertising outside of the election advertising period is no longer regulated.  

Election advertising period

May 1 to October 18, 2021.

Who is a Third Party Advertiser?

A Third Party Advertiser (TPA) can be an individual, corporation or group, but does not include a candidate.  A TPA promotes or opposes the election of a candidate.

Third Party Advertising Guidelines


Third parties who engage or intend to engage in election advertising must register with the Returning Officer for the Summer Village of Waiparous 

When Should a Third Party Advertiser Register?

A third party shall apply for registration in The Summer Village of Waiparous when it has incurred expenses of at least $1000 or plans to incur advertising expenses of at least $1000 for election advertising, or when it has accepted advertising contributions of at least $1000 or plans to accept advertising contributions of at least $1000.

Registering a Third Party Advertiser

To register a Third-Party Advertiser in The Summer Village of Waiparous:

Form 27 – Registration of a Third Party

  • Complete Form 27 – Registration of a Third Party. 
  • For groups and corporations, include a list of principal officer(s) or principal members.
  • If the TPA has a governing body (e.g. a board of directors), the application must include a copy of the resolution passed by the governing body authorizing the third party to incur election advertising expenses.
Submitting registration information to the Summer Village of Waiparous

 Make sure to mark your package “ELECTION”.  Emailed or scanned documents are not permitted.

By Mail

Send completed forms and deposit by regular or registered mail, to:

The Summer Village of Waiparous

Box 19554 RPO South Cranston

Calgary, AB, T3M 0N5
In-person By Appointment

Under current restrictions related to COVID-19, an appointment must be booked in advance to submit TPA Registration documents in person. Email election@waiparous.ca.

Only one person will be allowed to attend the appointment. The individual attending is asked to follow on-site signage and instructions and are symptom free.

Name restrictions

As per LAEA section 163, a TPA will not be allowed to register if it’s proposed name or abbreviations of the name:

  • Resembles the name of a registered TPA.
  • Resembles the name or nick name of a candidate active in The Summer Village of Waiparous or anywhere in the province.
  • Resembles the name of a registered TPA whose registration was cancelled or changed since the last election.

Third parties ineligible to register (LAEA section 163)

Third parties ineligible to register are:

  • A corporation that does not carry out business in Alberta.
  • An individual who is not ordinarily a resident in Alberta.
  • A trade union or employee organization that is not an Alberta trade union or Alberta employee organization.
  • A prohibited corporation (as defined in the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act Section 1(1)(l)). 
  • A group where any member is one of the above.
  • A registered charity.

Advertising in more than 10 local jurisdictions

As per LAEA section 163, a TPA engaging (or intending to engage) in election advertising in more than 10 local jurisdictions, must register with the Provincial Registrar. 

Executive Director

Municipal Capacity and Sustainability Branch

Municipal Affairs

17th Floor, Commerce Place

10155 - 102 Street Edmonton,

AB T5J 4L4

Phone: 780-427-2225 (dial 310-000 first for toll-free)

Email: ma.lgsmail@gov.ab.ca
Advertising related to provincial entities

TPAs engaging in advertising related to provincial entities (i.e. MLAs, provincial political parties, provincial elections, and Alberta Senate elections) or provincial referendum questions must register with Elections Alberta.

For more information about Elections Alberta TPA requirements, visit Elections Alberta Third Party Advertisers. 

Disclosure Requirements

All registered Third Party Advertisers (TPAs) must file Form 28 and an advertising return on or before March 1, 2022 with the authority they are registered with. 

Form 28
  • A report listing advertising contributions received during the election advertising period (Note: Form 28 is currently under development).
Advertising return

The advertising return must include:

  • A financial statement.
  • A list of all advertising contributions received during the election advertising period. For contributions of $250 or more, the list must include the name, address, the amount and the date of each contribution.
  • A list of all election advertising expenses.
  • A list of the time and place of broadcast or publication of the advertisements.
  • Any supporting information or documentation.

Maintain records

  • As per the Local Authorities Election Act section 185, all TPAs must retain all records for a period of three years following the deadline to file. Records must be retained until March 1, 2025.


To Submit a Complaint about Third Party Advertising regarding:

  • finances
  • election advertising
  • Collusion with candidates


Elections Commissioner of Alberta 

Call (780) 644-1250 or toll free 3100-0000 then (780) 644-1250

Or email complaints@elections.ab.ca


Note: The information on this page is provided for convenience of reference only. All third party advertisers are subject to further requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act . Third party advertisers are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations