• The Ghost Waiparous Trail Association will be holding its annual AGM on April 27th @ 10am-Noon. The meeting will take place at the Summer Village of Waiparous Community Services Building.

    Please note that this is an election year and the GWTA will be seeking new board members. If caring for the Back40 trails is something that interests you or you have any questions,  please contact the GWTA  by email.

  • Members of The Summer Village of Waiparous Council met with the Cochrane  RCMP to discuss how how our concerns for the village are being addressed.
    • The RCMP have indicated they are committed to adding an additional 10 shifts to cover the Waiparous section of Highway 40 this summer and fall.  Expect to see them expanding to include Wednesday and Thursday into the weekend rotation as camping season starts to ramp up.


  • Alberta Transportation has released the Functional Review and Evaluation Report with recommendations for the Highway 40 bridge alignment.   The report has come back recommending alignment option 1A – leaving the bridge in the same place.  Council has responded to the Minister of Transportation and Alberta Transportation reinforcing that they support the recommendation in the report.     The full report and letters to both the Minister and to Alberta Transportation can be found on the Highway 40 Road Committee page.

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More information and applications are available.