Please check the Village Notice Board, website or call the Village Office to ensure that the Council meetings will be held.  When all Councillors are unable to attend a meeting, usually the meeting is rescheduled to a different date.

At the beginning of each council meeting, Council hosts a “Resident Dialogue Session” where residents can informally ask questions, make inquiries, etc.  The session will be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes in total and limited to 10 minutes per resident.  (if you attend and notice more than 2 residents wanting to speak, please try not to use the max. 10 minutes so that everyone present has an opportunity to speak)

If you would like to formally address Council on a specific item, please forward your written request, either by mail, fax or email, stating the nature of your presentation with a summary of the presentation to the Village Office at least one week prior to the meeting in order to be placed on the agenda.

Summer Village of Waiparous Council Members
Mayor Matt Sundal
Deputy Mayor Brian Fleming
Councillor Cheryl Wauthier

Councillors Elect – They will officially take over as the New Council at the Organization Meeting that will be scheduled before Aug 31, 2021

  • Michael LeBlanc
  • Matthew Sundal
  • Cheryl Wauthier

Bylaw 138 – Councilor Code of Conduct