You can follow simple steps to reduce the risk of wildfire around your home and property.  Following is a recommended phased approach:


         Contact FORTIS if trees or branches are not clear of powerlines




Always keep a watchful eye on firepits, fire recetacles and fireplaces when they are
in use





Have a nearby water source readily available for emergencies



   Ensure your Property Number Sign is clearly visible from the street

Remove long grass, shrubs, branches and stacked firewood within 10 metres of your home





 Ensure roof is free of needles and leaves and there are no overhanging trees or branches


Place a spark arrester screen on your chimney


Phase 2


Remove Fire prone trees like spruce and pine and plant fire resistant species like aspen, birch and poplar






Thin and prune trees to keep branches 2 metres from the ground





Close in exposed eaves, vents and soffits on your home


Phase 3


Remove vegetation near powerlines, propane tanks and other fuel supplies and keep propane tanks at least 10 metres away from structures





Keep shovels, rakes, axes, garden hoses, sprinklers and ladders at easy access to assist in a fire emergency





Choose less flammable finishes for your home like stucco, metal, brick or concrete instead of wood or vinyl




Use only Class A, B or C rates fire resistant roofing materials




Sheath the underside of balconies, decks and crawlspaces with flame-resistant materials





Provide clear access for emergency vehicles to your property – keep driveways clear of trees for 3 metres on each side